Induction of Oaths By Lawyers

On the 26 February 2021, a welcomed amendment to the Oaths Law, Cap. 18 was passed by the House of Representatives (amending law 14(I)/2021).

With this amendment, in addition to Judges and Court Registrars, practising lawyers are now empowered to induce oaths in attempt to serve citizens and decongest the courts.

As a matter of clarification and in accordance with section 2 (a) of the amending law, “lawyer” means a person who is registered in the Register of Practising Lawyers held with the Cyprus Bar Association. Additionally, section 3 of the amending law specifies that a lawyer must practice law for at least five consecutive years and request to be approved by the Supreme Court for registration in the Register of Sworn Lawyers.

It is important to highlight that section 3 provides that a lawyer shall not accept an oath, affirmation, affidavit or statement or the preparation of any such document before him/her if either himself/herself or another lawyer working in the same law firm represents the person who intends and wishes to take oath or any other person who is part of any proceedings or is related to such or to the matter for which an oath is required to be taken, or if that person has any interest in the proceedings/case or has a third degree kinship with any of the above persons.

In summary, your lawyer is prohibited by law from taking an oath on your behalf and as such, you will need to seek another independent lawyer to induce an oath or affidavit.

Our managing director has been approved and registered in the Supreme Court’s Register of Sworn Lawyers and can offer such services.