, Hong Kong

Alina Quach

Number of lawyers: 15

Key Practice Area: Intellectual Property Dispute Resolution Labour Law Business Law


ASIALLIANS is a French law firm registered with the Paris Bar Association. We coordinate law firms and practioners that have recognized business law practices in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Africa and Europe.

For over 20 years, we have advised our clients in Asia and we have developed a strong expertise in the field of foreign investment.

Our scope of services ranges from the traditional field of Foreign Direct Investment to  more specialized areas of expertise such as Intellectual Property, Distribution Law, Labor Law and dispute resolution.

  • In China, ASIALLIANS offers integrated services using the resources of Wang Jing & Co, a local law firm whose activities are internationally-orientated.
  • In Taiwan, ASIALLIANS has formed a long-standing partnership with WTW Commercial Law Firm.
  • In Hong Kong, ASIALLIANS has teamed up with KY Woo & Co, a well-established Law Firm.

With our alliances, we can assist our clients in all areas of business law as well as represent them before the local courts. 


Our added value:

  • More than 20 years of experience and knowledge of business practice in Chinese markets;
  • Strong grounding: 10 offices in China, Hong Kong et Taiwan ;
  • A team of foreign and Chinese lawyers: our network of lawyers registered before the French, Chinese, Hongkongese and Taiwanese Bar associations can handle the files from legal opinion to dispute resolution ;
  • Networks: we are well practiced in these areas for two decades and are consequently highly connected to local institutions.