N. Xenofontos LLC

Nicosia, Cyprus


N. Xenofontos LLC is a specialist, business centric law firm. We proudly leverage the best of both worlds: the invaluable wealth of experience from our humble beginnings to the new and modern ever-evolving legal industry.

We relentlessly focus on doing what we do best, which is delivering innovative and practical solutions to the legal and business hurdles which our clients face whether on a corporate, business, or personal level.

We are unashamedly proud of the client focused culture that pulses through our firm and drives the pursuit of our craft. Aspiring to be great at our craft and better than the day before, is both our individual and collective pursuit and underpins everything we do.

The NX way

N. Xenofontos LLC has an abundance of something that is difficult to acquire. Real experience and expertise mean the ability to navigate the real complexities of the law and its application. Expertise means having mastered the areas of practice that you offer, and this exactly what we do here at N. Xenofontos LLC.

Our clients are our partners. We understand their exact needs and values and develop long term connections – and commitments with them. We invest time and expertise to build trusted alliances that enrich both sides.

 Our philosophy is simple: Knowledge is of no use unless it is put into practice.